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Innovative Development for Entrepreneurship Advancement (IDEA)

In 2013, we received a grant from the United States Agency International Development (USAID) to launch a new program called Innovative Development through Entrepreneurship Acceleration (IDEA).

Our goal is to produce long-term, sustainable economic growth in the Philippines by encouraging the creation of new businesses. IDEA's entrepreneurship programs will train Filipino engineers and scientists in business planning, market identification, product marketing, business incubation and working with venture capital.

This is done in various ways: 

  • In our IDEA Symposia entrepreneurs, executives, venture capitalists, professors and students participate in discussions on the development of entrepreneurial activity in the Philippines.
  • Our IDEA Workshop teaches participants the essential steps in forming their companies through lectures, group exercises, and close mentoring.
  •  The IDEA Visiting Professors Program pairs entrepreneurship professors from leading US universities with Philippine engineering colleges to help develop their technopreneurship programs.
  • Since 2014 we've been engaging with the Commission for Higher Education (CHED) towards the creation of a mandatory technopreneurship class to be rolled out in all engineering programs by 2018. 
  • We partnered with UC Berkeley's Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology in preparation for the upcoming requirement for entrepreneurship educators. Qualified Filipino professors will travel to CET Berkeley to study their teaching methods.
Indeed, no amount of theory could replace an actual experience and immersion of the collaboration of an engineering and a business school.
— Dr. May Rose Imperial, CHED Technical Panel on Engineering and Technology