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Our mission is to eradicate poverty in the Philippines. 


PhilDev brings together government organizations, the academe and private industry in harnessing science and technology for sustainable and inclusive economic growth in the Philippines.

For future generations having equal access to opportunities, we commit to eradicating poverty by removing obstacles to paths forward and creating possibilities where there were none.

We help build a robust science and technology environment that values creativity, curiosity and daring through channeling significant investments in STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Mathematics), innovation, and entrepreneurship.



We value education - strengthening the foundation that paves the way for national development, and supporting aspirations of the youth and our best minds through scholarships and other learning opportunities.



We believe innovation pushes knowledge and industries forward - strengthening our links with and among organizations, the academe and private industry, and investing in research and development.



We empower through entrepreneurship - creating a culture of creativity, turning ideas into viable, scalable and sustainable enterprises that create jobs and share wealth in the community.


PhilDev is a nonprofit, innovation organization that accelerates science and technology for national development through initiatives, programs and partnerships.


The vision we hold is big and our work is challenging. 

We can achieve more when we work together.

You can make a difference.

Partner and invest with PhilDev.

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We aim to support social entrepreneurs drive growth for their businesses without losing sight of their impact. Through the Social Impact Accelerator, we provide highly scalable social entrepreneurs access to markets, talents, capital, and guidance.