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IDEA Visiting Professors Program

Building tech-based entrepreneurship platforms and initiatives can be a daunting task for any university. We support this process by connecting Philippine universities with experienced practitioners from renowned US entrepreneurship programs.

US professors spend between one week to three months working with their counterpart's leadership, faculty and students to analyze their existing programs and make recommendations for improvement. During their visit, they may also elect to deliver workshops and seminars on particular entrepreneurship subjects.

We have found that Filipino host universities are extremely eager to hear the visiting professors' recommendations. Many of the professors have returned to their host universities the following year to find that their recommendations have been wholly adopted.  Often, visiting professors sign a Memorandum of Understanding between their host university and their corresponding school for future collaboration. 

Participants in this program have hailed from various universities, including Case Western Reserve, Texas A&M, Cornell, University of Houston, University of Florida, and Penn State University.

Due, in part, to the success of this program, the Commission for Higher Education has set a path to require all engineering colleges to include basic technopreneurship as a required course in their curricula by 2018.


“I very much enjoyed my visit and was truly delighted to see the interest in entrepreneurship and innovation embraced at Mapua. The environment there is spot on for rapid progress.” - 2014

”Again, it’s my pleasure working with PhilDev, USAID, and the Philippine universities. You are on the right track. My engagement with XU does not end after my visit. As you can see, we’re communicating even after I’m back in the US.” - 2015
— Dr. Gary Wnek, Case Western Reserve University

I want to thank you and your colleagues at PhilDev for arranging and hosting my visit. Everything was great!
— Prof. Dan Lacks, Case Western Reserve University
Working with PhilDev , IDEA and TIP has been a very rewarding experience. It is my pleasure to contribute to it and very delighted to serve as an ambassador.
— Dr. Esther Obonyo, University of Florida

My IDEA VPP experience was very eye opening. ... The Pinoys are very friendly and very happy. I don’t feel threatened. ... It’s my pleasure working with PhilDev, USAID, and Batangas State University. IDEA program is making wonderful strides for the Philippine academe in marrying entrepreneurship and engineering.
— Prof. Don Lewis, Texas A&M

“I am the one who needs to send a great THANK YOU as this visit was a fantastic and life-changing experience. I am really impressed with the existing work of the Ateneo Innovation Center and I am very hopeful of the many opportunities for The Philippines as it embraces entrepreneurship at all levels.”
— Juan P Hinestroza, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Fiber Science, Cornell University

Once again, we thank you very much for bringing Prof. Dan Lacks to us at USC! This is to let you know that we wrote a paper together, as attached herewith entitled “Humanitarian Chemical Engineering” published in AIChE’s Chemical Engineering Progress this month (April 2015), together with some others. I thought that this is a good and interesting piece for reflection especially during this time of the year and also to provide a concrete example in demonstrating a way of achieving PhilDev’s goal to “eradicate poverty in the Philippines”! ... Prof Dan Lacks and I are planning to sustain the collaboration in so many ways with your assistance and support.
— Evelyn Taboada, Dean, Engineering College, University of Santo Tomas