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2018 PhilDev-Shell Leadership Camp

The Annual PhilDev-Shell Science and Engineering Scholarship (PSES) Summer Camp is part of the support services provided by PhilDev and Shell to its scholars. Scholars from PhilDev’s partner universities in the Philippines participate in this yearly event. The scholars attend various sessions during the camp from personality development to practical skills like resume writing and job interview training.The Summer Camp was held on July 23-25 at the Shell Training Center in Pililia, Rizal. 99 of PhilDev’s 150 scholars participated in the 5-day activity.

Present during the event were Dado Banatao, Chairman and Founder of PhilDev, and Cesar Romero, Country Chairman of Pilipinas Shell. The event was also attended by Members of the Board of Trustees of PhilDev and top officials from Pilipinas Shell.

Dado shared his journey as a Filipino Engineer that started with his pursuit to learn more and explore opportunities in the U.S. He shared his experiences from his first job at Boeing, designing aircrafts and eventually pursuing higher studies in Stanford University. Dado emphasized on the importance of the design process and constantly striving to learn more.

“You have to invent your own process. We thrive as engineers because we design things. It becomes a habit when your mind is always hungry for more.” said Dado Banatao.

Cesar Romero also shared about his experiences as an Engineer himself, starting with a career in sales and eventually working his way to the top. He highlighted the significance of differentiating accomplishment from effort and the importance of “follow through”.

“There’s a big difference between effort and accomplishment. Unfortunately, that’s the sad reality of life: you are not judged by your effort, you are judged by your accomplishment. The discipline of “follow through”–make sure that something is completed” he said.

The camp was culminated by a short program where all the different batches of scholars showcased their talents through performances and presentations they prepared. The graduating batch of scholars also prepared a short presentation to thank PhilDev and Shell for all the help and support provided to them.


With 100 million pesos in seed funding from Pilipinas Shell Foundation in 2015, the PhilDev Science and Engineering Scholarships (PSES) supports talented students who lack financial capability  to pursue their studies in disciplines under science and technology.

Scholarships are given to students who are entering their second year (or upwards) in any Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Mathematics (STEAM) course.  Visit Phildev’s Science and Engineering Scholarship Program for more information.