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To qualify, the startup must meet the following entry qualifications:

1. Business

  • Social Impact and Relevance to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SE must possess and demonstrate inclusive and innovative solutions to pressing domestic needs and the promotion of any of the SDGs. The SE must clearly present a business strategy and execution plan anchored on its desired impact targets, and adopt innovations and technologies into its core business and operations.

  • Potential for Scale and Differentiation. SE must be able to show proof and integrate plans of innovative use or application of technologies to drive growth. They must have at least a minimum viable product or an early product demonstrating its core innovation.

  • Validated Business Model with Some Revenue or Traction

      • B2B: Have undergone product-market validation by at least two (2) confirmed clients, letters of intent, Proof-of-concept deployments or booked sales.

      • B2C: Annual revenues of at least five hundred thousand pesos (Php 500,000).

  • Established Operations. The SE must already be legally registered as a corporation under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  If the business is currently registered under Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the SE must agree to convert into corporation within the PROGRAM duration. The SE must have at least one (1) year of operations from incorporation date.

2. Founders and Management Team

  • Full-time Commitment. The team’s application must be composed of at least two (2) full-time to a maximum of five (5) members composed of at least one (1) co-founder and one (1) senior member of the management team. At least one (1) full-time member must have rigorous product or technical expertise and at least one (1) full-time member must have market and business development expertise. Its CEO must be a full-time member.  Founders are defined to be the entrepreneurs or the members of the group who takes the initiative to set up the venture, have active interest in the company and with at least 10% ownership of the company. Full time commitment requires minimum of 40 hours per week spent on the startup.

  • Deep Insights. The founders and the management team must show proof of engagement of the SE with its beneficiaries or customers and possess a deep understanding of their needs.

  • Ability to Execute. The founders and the management team must demonstrate ability and persistence to build and develop strong teams, products and successful business.