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Selection Criteria

Social Relevance

  • How widespread is the problem being addressed and how crucial is it for the customers to solve the problem? Does the need exist in a big market?

Uniqueness and Scalability of the Solution

  • Business model innovation: Does the SE offer a solution that creates benefits that were not possible before? Does the SE offer a change in cost structure and/or revenue model to create a unique advantage? Can the technology be protected and defended through intellectual property?

Quality of the Team

  • Does the SE  have topnotch technical and management team able to grow and scale the startup? Does the founder possess deep insights and understanding of the core problem being addressed and proven ability to execute?

Strategy and Execution Plan

  • Has the startup developed business plans that cover sales, marketing, operations, human resources and research and development? Does the SE have a clear strategy and execution plan on how to take its social innovation to further grow and scale regionally or globally.

Financial Sustainability

  • Will the startup be capable of raising funding within the next six months to one year?