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Philippine Scholarships: PhilDev Science and Engineering Scholarship Program (PSES)

PhilDev believes that a science and engineering education plays a critical role in accelerating national development. The goal of PSES is to increase the ratio of science and engineering practitioners in the Philippines, helping students achieve their best in school and flourish as professionals.

In 2010, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) found that the Philippines had only 14% of college students taking up engineering courses, compared to 23% in G7 countries and 39% in China. Engineering students also had a staggering dropout rate of 40-60%, with reasons such as it is a difficult course to begin with and that they were lacking the support to help them pull through, coupled with poor teaching that discouraged learning, and a lack of excitement and belonging to the engineering profession.

PhilDev recognizes these challenges that lead to dropout rates among engineering students. Therefore PSES offers mentorship and counseling to help students stay motivated and perform better in school, find support in a peer group, and connect to potential employers and other opportunities in the profession.

Scholarships are given to students who are entering their second year (or upwards) in any STEAM  course (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Mathematics) from partner universities across the Philippines


1. The applicant must be a student at one of our partner universities.

2. Applications are handled by partner universities and are shortlisted for PhilDev. 

Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting applications for Academic Year 2017-2018. Please visit follow us on social media and sign-up on our newsletter for updates.

Status of Scholarships as of Academic Year 2016-2017:

  • Current Scholars: 156
  • Scholars who graduated: 30
  • Scholars who achieved Excellence Awards: 15

List of Partner Universities

  • De La Salle University
  • MAPUA University
  • University of the Philippines Diliman
  • University of the Philippines Los Banos
  • University of Santo Tomas
  • Central Luzon State University
  • Batangas State University
  • University of San Carlos
  • MSU – Iligan Institute of Technology
  • Xavier University – Ateneo De Cagayan