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Our Programs: 

PhilDev's programs address the three pillars of our strategy:

  1. Education - poverty is a discrepancy of knowledge, not money
  2. Innovation - converts technology into products for the global market
  3. Entrepreneurship - is the fastest way to move wealth in a society



PhilDev is working to strengthen the education and training young Filipinos receive in science and technology.

We focus in these areas because we believe that creating Filipino, technology-based solutions for the global market is the best way we can attack poverty.

We are helping more students afford an education. Our PhilDev Science and Engineering Scholarship Program provides funding to over 80 Filipino engineering students now in universities across the Philippines. 

And, we are making the quality of that science and technology training globally-competitive by bringing cutting-edge tactics from the world's leading science and technology professors to the Philippines through our IDEA Program (see below). 



Our programs' ultimate aim is to translate science and technology education into entrepreneurship and economic growth.

Our IDEA Program elevates entrepreneurship in various ways:

  1. Our annual Workshops and Symposia put entrepreneurship front and center for discussion and practice. 
  2. Our Visiting Professors Program invites experienced practitioners from leading universities in the United States to work with local Higher Education Institutions in development of their own entrepreneurial programs and initiatives. 
  3. PhilDev's partnership with the CHED has the stated output of infusing entrepreneurship in the engineering curricula of engineering colleges around the nation.
  4. Our partnership with CET Berkeley in California has opened up their incredible resources for the education of Filipino professors and entrepreneurs.



Education leads to innovation. Innovation is key to ensuring our place in a global economy. - Dado Banatao, PhilDev Founder

We mentor and train aspiring Filipinos through the funnel of education to entrepreneurship to innovation. 

As an organization, we are also building innovative solutions for the Philippines' educational infrastructure. Our CloudTop Project will provide internet to the entire public education system in the Philippines, giving every child access to curriculum and teaching that would otherwise be inaccessible.